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We believe in human will that can outgrow it’s own capacities to continuously grow. We Believe that humans can fly! Dream catcher can help you catch on such dreams and grow the spark of passion, excitement and newness in your being.

We are a passionate adventure seekers with a love for Skydiving, and we bring this sport home. We are eminent skydivers, adventure enthusiast and dreamers. with years of experience and knowledge to share we invite you to be part of the community.


Upcoming Events

Skydive Solo Course ( USPA Certified )
The solo skydiving training is also known as PFF (Progressive Free Fall), AFF (Accerelated Free Fall) or simply SOLO skydiving training.
Skydive and Run ‘Petersburg White Nights’ Marathon
AFP has evolved over the years into the most progressive and complete curriculum used in the skydiving world today.
USPA 'A' Licence Course


Accelerated free fall (AFF) requires one to go through intensive training and finish a course to be able to skydive solo. It is a commitment and a life changing commitment that can help you be awesome in life.

One can Finish the AFF COURSE under a chief instructor and fly solo at the end of the course or one can finish the ‘USPA Certified A license course’ and finish the course, fly solo and hold a license with which one can fly solo whenever it is possible for them.


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Comments From
The gang

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“I applied with Dream Catchers for the sky diving course, because I dreamed of solo skydiving. After completion of basic course and my first solo jump I understood that sky is the right place for me. Learning to fly is a feeling that I get overwhelmed about and the only way to understand something like this is to experience it. Now I go with them each and every year.”
Amit Mohan : +91-7691916222

Amit Mohan

Amit Mohan

Government Officer

“If you want to get the amazing experience of free flight, My first time skydiving and it was a fantastic experience! All of their staff were very professional, little strict, too disciplined and a lot fun. They talked us through all of the steps, there was theory and lots of exercises and stimulated training. They made us feel 100% comfortable and safe, but they also joked around and helped us to relax and have fun. Skydiving was by far one of my BEST life experiences, and I would do it again. Jumping out of the plane and free-falling was my favourite part, and the canopy ride down after the chute opened was peaceful. And we even stuck the landing! My Coach and chief instructor was Rajesh and my photographer was Bibin. They were both AWESOME and helped me check off another bucket list item and every year I will skydive at least a week.”.

Kalpak – 9718142431

Kalpak Skydiver

Kalpak Skydiver

Government service

“I registered for the A license course . It was beyond anything I had expected. The atmosphere was great, really thrilled, the staff were super professional and welcoming. I can not rate them highly enough. The whole course was really laid out and our trainers were really patient. It is because of their patience that we were able to go through the whole learning and only felt more comfortable, confident and really into it

Captain Ganesh : 9894687123.”

Captain Ganesh Merchant Navel

Captain Ganesh Merchant Navel

Captain Merchant Navel